After the Port Hope Project is Finished

Port Granby Project

The primary goal of the Port Hope Project is to return remediated sites to at least their pre-construction state — or better. Remediated properties should be useable for any purpose, from growing vegetables to recreation. Even the proposed long-term waste management site has been identified as an area with potential for redevelopment — including playing fields, gardens, trails and more.

Preferred community end uses for the completed aboveground mound, proposed by a council-appointed citizens’ committee, will be implemented during Phase 3. In Port Hope, passive recreational uses such as walking trails and a lookout on the surface of the mound, surrounded by active recreational elements, are envisioned.

For more information on potential Port Hope Municipal redevelopment plans, please visit the Municipality of Port Hope website here.

“Although numerous studies have demonstrated that Port Hope has always been a healthy place to live, work and play, the cleanup will give peace of mind, once and for all, to residents and visitors.”

– Port Hope Mayor Linda Thompson